Creating value for the scientific commons

Denis JeanteurStart-up plan

Open Data

Technology. Patents are about technology. Nevertheless about a quarter of the published patents contain scientific data. This is the result of the growing interdependence of science and technology. Tell me more… Innovative value.These data are valuable. Often they are very innovative because they support the claim for an invention. However, patents are still viewed more as a legal instrument than as a scientific publication. Tell me more… Difficulties. Patents have a mixed content with a large part of jargonic legal demonstrations. Moreover, it’s difficult to search patents for their scientific content, and this can be time consuming. Tell me more… Opportunity. The Medolo experience is being able to access scientific data that is embedded in patents. The data will be linked with other data, keywords, documents and scientists’ comments. This is done by a combination of a virtual community of scientists and a computer system. All this knowledge and information is free. Tell me more…