About our governance : ideas

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Necessity. Responsible ventures implies shared responsibilities. Medolo aims at being a socially responsible organisation with an emphasis on transparency. Being a non (or not too) hierarchical organisation doesn’t mean nobody is responsible, but that we share the responsibility. I strongly believe that the success of flat organisational structures command a very clear sharing of responsibilities and thus a strong governance … Read More

Creating value for the scientific commons

Denis JeanteurStart-up plan

Technology. Patents are about technology. Nevertheless about a quarter of the published patents contain scientific data. This is the result of the growing interdependence of science and technology. Tell me more... Innovative value.These data are valuable. Often they are very innovative because they support the claim for an invention. However, patents are still viewed more as a legal instrument than ... Read More

Medolo start-up history

Denis JeanteurStart-up plan

OportunityOur first idea was to extract the scientific part out of patents, republish it formatted like a scientific journal, and distribute it to scientists. But we realized that on a small scale this would never be profitable. That is why I wrote a first business plan for an independent company that would do this on a large scale, but I ... Read More