Welcome to the doers’ section

It is obvious that the one who contribute in any sort (the doers) are doing something for Medolo and I’ll cover rapidly some of the different form this can take.

But, even with the greatest generosity and abnegation, there is always an exchange a pay back.
In the commons economy the payback could be extended return. I contribute one, we are 1000 contributors, I receive 999.
In addition, the payback can be indirect: networking, demonstrating capabilities, leading.

What can Medolo do for doers?

Medolo is a community of doers.

Extended returns are the first benefits that comes to mind for contributor: if you analyse one patents and receive in returns many interesting analysed patents, you should be happy. Of course there is a lot of abnegation in you contribution because you could simply be a free rider and just wait for other to do the job.

Leading. Medolo offers a place where you can practically showcase you expertise.

  1. by managing a process
  2. by participating to a development
  3. by capturing data
  4. by correction or commenting on data
  5. by managing the community
  6. by teaching

This is why Medolo is not focused on a process but on a goal: opening scientific data in patents.

Medolo Institute, Medolo coop have the goal to promote Medolo community and product.
In fact, their mission include to do this through and at the benefit of the doers. Simply said, we will promote the work of each member of the community as a way to promote Medolo.

This can take the form of:

  • a diploma (Medolo University)
  • a recommendation
  • a page showing your achievement
  • a publication with other Medolo doers

This will be set-up by the core team but it will be done by the community itself.

Work. When working you will build relations with you co-contributors. Professional relation based on your expertise and the expertise of the work-team. This can rapidly become a real asset in you professional life.

Formal. Indirectly, through Medolo you can find people that are knowledgable of something you want to learn, that you would like to meet for your career. We will help this by organising special meetings.

Informal. At Medolo you can meet other people in a more relax manner and start discussions:

  • on different topic
  • in you language
  • by centre of interest

Although we have not the ambition of doing this the main effort of Medolo. We will make available the necessary tools and time for this to happen.

What you can do for Medolo?

Everything to do for the community is welcome. Few things positive for Medolo.

  • follow the rules (fondamento)
  • discuss, comment, elaborate
  • teach others so that they can replace you
  • share
  • improve
  • do