What can Medolo do for funders?

Funding is an exchange. Having made this point the returns can occur in different ways and time frame.

Medolo’s goal is to produce data, contextualised data, data with expertise. This knowledge is given for the commons.

For funders to use Medolo as an indirect way to create knowledge or support the scientific commons, Medolo is a wise investment, very much aligned with these goals.

For companies that are in the business of manipulating scientific data and knowledge, Medolo will be a source

Medolo being a knowledge creation place, certain expertise will be gather and our companion organisation can benefit of this expertise

In many way Medolo coop is a promotion company. We promote the work that is done inside and we promote the efforts of the companions organisations.

Visibility is important for the project and associating you name or brand with the project can be positive.

Economic logic. Medolo coop is set-up so that we can help the market of science data by helping that specific industry. We can participate or even organise meeting, produce documents, directly participate in testing and even involve part of our community.

Medolo is a network. It is a place where discussion and exchange is facilitated.

It is a good place to start collaboration and relations with labs and firms

Let’s be frank, no cash back are to be expected because Medolo don’t sell products at least directly.
This is not something to look for immediately. But anyway this is an important point because in certain ways Medolo coop can participate in companies or start-ups. So it’s not completely impossible that Medolo get some money out of investments. This could lead to cash returns if this is done indirectly.

What you can do for Medolo?

Medolo is built so that there is to entries for direct funding. Medolo Institute and Medolo cooperative.

Indirect funding is essential making available for the Medolo community some human ressources.

Medolo can recieve direct cash from three sources

  • Subventions
  • Donations
  • Mission

This money cash flow through a foundation or other organisms.[/x_accordion_item]

You can participate to the project through indirect funding.

For example you can make some of your employees available for Medolo as contributors at Medolo community or as staff at Medolo coop.

You can participate to collaborative research programs.

You can give knowledge and from the contributors or staff

You can help Medolo raise funds by presenting Medolo to funders

You can promote Medolo in your communnication

Medolo aim at participating in projects that serve its goals. Medolo is equipped for managing international collaboration consortiums and search funding for them

Therefore if you participate to such collaboration networks you can indiretly help Medolo getting funds for project management or funds raising.