Welcome to the user section.

Thank you for visiting this section. We cannot answer all questions in a page but we will certainly do it by mail.
Please, contact me at denis.jeanteur@medolo.org
or by phone +33 6 63 95 40 07 (CET)

What can you get from Medolo?

You don’t need to be a contributor to be a user, you can be a for-profit or any king of organisation: there is no restrictions.

You can get many different things from Medolo:

  • find easily a patent document using your words
  • receive automatically patents close to your centres of interests
  • navigate easily inside patents
  • read comments from peers
  • share your scientific insights on a patent
  • find the data, get the data, use the data.
    • pure data, linked to other data
    • methodologies linked to other experiment
    • background on data
  • meet people through reading and usage

Let’s have a qualitative point of view on what Medolo offers to you:

Commons. A basic principle of Medolo is to work for the commons. There is strong rational about this, including economic efficiency. See post >>
Medolo data are given for free and with no restriction of use. Scientists can access and use it, for-profits projects and businesses can access and use it for free, non-scientists can use it for free. The only restriction are the one of the GLP standard license or the one impose by the patent law.

Discussion. Open means everybody can modify data description or comment of the data. Making this platform a place for scientific and technology discussions. The importance of patents in science and technology today makes of Medolo a natural focal point for discussions.
Open means also that everybody can analyse a patent as long as the system can create a relation between a patent and its academic background.

Open and linked data. Data alone is poor and the work here consist into linking data to other data by the use of tags, links and computers. This open new ways of searching for data, for patents, for articles or for scientists.

Universality. Open means we are neutral but also that we serve all interests concerning open scientific data and patents.
The way Medolo is organised reflects this ambitious goal of producing data, discussion about data in a scientific context and at the same time promoting usage of it on the for-profit market.
We are non-profit but we support usage of open scientific data.

Quality is very important in large collaborating project. Non quality can restrict usage. At Medolo users are quality agents as they can correct errors, give their opinions, etc…

Comment & correction. Quality is very important in large collaborating project. Non quality can restrict usage. At Medolo users are quality agents as they can correct errors, give their opinions, etc… Commenting, correcting are as important activities as extracting the first information.

Standards. Respect of common norms and standards is essential. This is key for the software development, for the methodology of data capture and classification and for the depth of linking. The work done at Medolo must be easily interconnected.

Everybody can attend

Knowledge. We are a repository for knowledge concerning all aspects of the project and you are free to pick what you want or bring what you can.
The first developpement of this the wiki. See wiki>>

Medolo University is one way to get many information on open scientific data, open data, open science and all the knowledge at work at Medolo.
Presentations, tutorial and course will be available to everybody. This can be slide shares, videos, online courses. They are available to everybody, contributor or not.

Curiosity is not a bad thing. At Medolo we encourage outsiders to look and witness what we do, the way we do. You can learn from us and we would like to learn from you if you want. We are certain that in the end you will contribute to make Medolo a better place.

Social life. Everything is not formal and there is a social life at Medolo because it’s a community. It can be centred on knowledge, on functions, on production but it is also focused on human relation between participants. Concerning the last point, we have a “knowledge Café” which is the place to exchange with other members on any topics. Informal meetings are organised on different topics. All sort of little tools for socializing will be used.

Observe. If you can witness most of the community elements of Medolo, often interaction is restricted to members. Membership is free.
Observing the community is often the first step into participation.

What can you do for Medolo?

Use it! We work on Medolo to get people to use scientific data inside patents in many forms.

Share it!You are our best chance to grow by spreading the word about Medolo.

Demand. Give your opinion on the products or the services we provide.
Ask for new features, for explainations, etc…

Transform yourself into a contributor.