Dear reader,

This is the start-up plan  of Medolo.  It covers the main topics in details in a business plan like presentation.  I suggest you start reading the fast track : in 16 pages you will have a broad idea of the project. Then I suggest you read the details and start a conversation directly with me if you have additional questions, suggestion or if you wish to support the project.

Supporting is very simple:

  • You can just register on this site
  • You can write a support message (short or longer are both welcome)
  • You can join us as a member
  • You can contribute to the project with :
    • funding or taking part to the fundraising process
    • communication and PR
      • tiding up this site
      • the newsletter
      • all the design stuff, english
    • dealing with the network
      • growing the supporter base
      • the supporters
      • the members
    • managing projects
      • general methodology
      • computer science
      • interface
      • science
    • sharing your expertise about
      • patents
      • science
      • computer programming project
      • community management
    • developping the medolo system
      • patent switching
      • patent analysis
      • interface design
      • open data, linked data management (IT)
      • etc.

An other point of reference is the Wiki. There you will have same information, even additional pieces of information on current work.