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Medolo is a community project for transforming scientific data found in patents into linked open data. It a project for the 'scientific commons'; for the profit of the scientific community. Opening, linking and sharing data is more efficiently done in a non profit setting facilitating collaboration and sharing among experts and developers.
The project is in the phase one; the set-up phase. We need supporters, we need collaborators in the system design and development. We need you for creating together an organisation. Everybody is welcome

Initiator of the project

Our mission

Nowadays, technology, science and IT are closely related and patents have become a focus point for technology and technological science. However, the usage of patent scientific data by scientists is limited. Patent are viewed mostly as property claims.
We want to make data available for scientists so that they can use it like a commodity and via a computer. This is a revolution because, in the eyes of scientists, patents are often only viewed as pieces of intellectual property.

We believe that data should be shared with the scientific community as a common, that means for free and without restrictions. New ways of using data in science can emerge if the basic elements, linked open data, are available in good quality and freely. We want to go in that direction.

Medolo is an initiative to make the scientific data embedded in patents accessible to all the scientific community, easily and for free. Our product is data with context, tagged in a way that makes it usable by computers. This is call Linked Open Data.

In 2014
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Scientific Patents Filed

Medolo & You & Medolo.

Everybody has some interest.
But everyone give and take according to its specific tastes.
Make you choice

What can Medolo do for you?

We are all interested by getting the benefits of our investments and we expect some sort return for our effort.
Value creation is the first goal of Medolo. Value for the commons but also value for you in return for your contribution..

What can you do for Medolo?

Medolo is a Scientific project and a vast community must be gather over the years.
but the project require a lot of different type of contributions: for example funding, technology, sociology, etc..,

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Medolo is about knowledge. Clarifying the background of data and giving sense to it by expert is a real knowledge creation.
Science. Medolo is about science, yes of course but not only about science. We need as much scientists in a vast variety of domains.
Patents. Medolo is, as well, about patents, about scientific expertise on patents. We are focused on one part, the inventive part is just a background element for it. So our approach is very original and complementary to the tools that already exists.
Computing. But Medolo for a great deal is an IT project which involve some computer science related specialities. Varying from web design to linguistics. A computer analysis system will be set-up, an interface developed and data delivered in a standard open and linked manner.
Community. Most importantly it is a virtual community of expertise. Medolo is about culture driven community.
Culture.Medolo can be a large project and therefore it must be structured. Medolo will become self-managed therefore we must build on solid grounds. Culture (simple) is the cement of the community.
University. Producing, sharing, learning is important to us, to the point that the official launch of Medolo will focus on knowledge sharing.

Browse the different knowledge fields & participate to the knowledge elaboration

Let’s build a team.

An initiative. Medolo is still in its starting phase. We call it “The Medolo project” phase or Medolo initiative: the organisation is not set up yet, a framework of it outlined and guiding principle are written down. The first step is to build the team and to gather the necessary funding for it.

A team of five will be gather. Its role is nor to work directly on the patent analysis nor to develop the system associated with Medolo. The team is not in competition with contributors, it serve Medolo for tasks that cannot be done by a virtual community. All the staff will be hired by the Medolo coop.

You can participate to the elaboration of the team.

The team page

Let’s finance the project.

The hybrid nature of Medolo is robust because it brings value internally and externally. Medolo coop is key concerning the financial part of the project which is essential.

The actual phase of the project will put in place gradually the necessary funding for the team, the basic assets, the promotion and launch of Medolo.

Medolo will find additional resources in collaboration funding and project management. The operation surplus will be distributed mainly with Medolo Institute.

You can participate to the fund raising either by a contribution or by contacting for Medolo potential contributors.

More information


The wiki is, during this initial phase, our main instrument for elaborating our knowledge.

Texts that appear on this web site come from the Wiki. There they are worked, commented and corrected. Much more detailed information will be found there, with links and references.

It is a collaboration space where you can try things. Please sign-in and play. It’s convivial and close to easy.

Medolo Starting Guide

This document give more insight on the project. Its a 100 pages document but In can be read in only 16 if you don’t dig into details. We encourage you to read it.

The start-up guide is readable online but you can receive it at no cost, you can even ask for additional copies to give around you to people that might help the fundraising campaign.

Join us now.

Joining is you first contribution and we appreciate it.

Everybody is needed.

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